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Who is....

Chef Dix/ Jay Dix

Chef Dix
Jay Dix

Man - Chef - Entrepreneur - Hiphop Artist - Songwriter

    Caterer - Designer - God Father - Son - Brother  

                      Internet Personality

               International MAN OF LEISURE

Born into Hip Hop literally and let me tell you a little story how...August 2nd, 1979 SugerHill Gang recorded "Rapper Delight" the first Hip Hop single and released it on September 16th, 1979 right?

Chef Dix mother always told him his due date was August 2nd, 1979 but for some reason Chef Dix didn't pop out of L-Nett's body until September 14th, 1979. Two days before they released this earth shattering new form of music to the world. His mother also told him that on the way home from the hospital we both heard the song for the first time on the radio and young  Jay Dix aka Chef Dix couldn't stop moving and shaking the whole ride home. So he was basically born into the moniker of "World's 1st Rappin Chef."

  " Choppin it up with Chef Dix "

     All Content Produced 


          ~ Justin Dixon~

"Cooking Series"

Created by Justin Dixon

Co-Produced by Sheldon Ware

                    Season 1,  Ep.1- 3

"Healthy Studio Tips"

Created by Justin Dixon

Co-produced by James Webb

                             Ep. 1- 5

"Behind The Scene"

Created by Justin Dixon

Co-produced by Danitta Jones

                             Ep. 6

Can you smell what the Chef is cooking??

Chef Dix
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